EuroCCP's Real-time Margin Monitoring Tool

The TRACE tool enabled participants to keep track of house and clients' margin levels from minute to minute. In addition, TRACE gives Clearing Participants the opportunity to be alerted if a user defined intraday exposure limit is exceeded.

How TRACE improves Clearing Participants' daily business:

TRACE demonstrates how EuroCCP collaborate with its clearing participants' to find new solutions minimizing risk and improving efficiency. TRACE is EuroCCP's tailor-made solution, available for you right now. You can:

  • perform intraday credit controls at both clearing participant and trading participant level,
  • set alerts and receive web, email or SMS alert if a treshold is breached, so that immediate action can be taken.

More information can be obtained from EuroCCP Relationship Managers, who can also arrange online demonstration using live positions at the request of Clearing Participants.