We deliver CCP clearing Services in 19 European markets through 17 platforms. In recent years, our markets have seen increased competition and liberalisation; an explosive growth in cash equity transactions; and a rapidly changing regulatory environment. These conditions have created a positive market for our offering.

As the price of CCP clearing continues to fall throughout the region, our standards of transparency have become widely regarded as the benchmark for the market.


EUI cross platform netting

EuroCCP is delighted to offer EUI cross platform netting service for UK and Irish securities to its participants, with the new cross platform netting TSO code (“9”) now available in the CREST system.

This service enables participants to have one net settlement for all trades in each UK and Irish ISIN across all platforms cleared by EuroCCP, including OTC trades. Prior to 22 July 2013, a separate settlement was required for each platform (other than for trades on BATS and Chi-X) due to UK and Irish stamp duty restrictions.

The implementation of cross platform netting for UK and Irish securities will provide participants with similar settlement savings and benefits available in most other European markets cleared by EuroCCP.

Participants wishing to adopt cross platform netting for UK and Irish securities should contact their Relationship Manager, or email