The following information about our governance structure and corporate objectives is available upon request and free of charge. Please send an email to

  • Current organisational chart of EuroCCP
  • Document on EuroCCP's key objectives and strategies

General information about EuroCCP's governance, service overview, membership requirements, risk management framework and global description of the communication protocols and reporting is provided in the document EuroCCP Service Overview.

Other information available upon request and free of charge:

Current shareholder base of EuroCCP is as follows:

  • ABN AMRO Clearing Bank N.V. (20 %)
  • Bats Chi-X Europe (20 %)
  • Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (20 %)
  • Euronext N.V. (20 %)
  • OMX AB (20 %)

The Supervisory Board consist of the following members:

  • Jan Bart de Boer (chairman), nominated by ABN AMRO Clearing Bank N.V.
  • Andrew Gray, nominated by Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation
  • Mark Hemsley, nominated by BATS Chi-X Europe
  • Lauri Rosendahl, nominated by NasdaQ OMX Nordic.
  • Iain Saville, Independent member
  • Peter Bezemer, Independent member

EuroCCP's Governance structure

An overview of EuroCCP's governance structure can be downloaded here.