Benefits of Using EuroCCP

  • Robust risk management enables EuroCCP to calculate and collect the appropriate amount of collateral to protect a participant from another’s default.
  • Low-cost clearing is provided by a tariff structure that is competitive and non-discriminatory.
  • Interest on cash collateral is returned to participants without the deduction of a spread.
  • Pan-European capability enables Trading Participants to trade the same security on any of the platforms cleared by EuroCCP and have those positions – traded on the same day –netted into a single settlement and margin obligation.
  • Reliable technology used by EuroCCP minimises delays and downtime. Processing capacity is capable of handling platforms' anticipated peak volumes.
  • Business continuity capabilities ensure that even during major disruptions, EuroCCP will remain operational.

EuroCCP’s settlement agents include ABN AMRO Clearing Bank, BNP Paribas Securities Services, Citi Bank, Deutsche Bank, SEB and Unicredit. Settlement with Clearing Participants takes place via EuroCCP’s securities accounts at central securities depositories of the relevant markets.